Welcome to my e-portfolio! You will find here a glimpse of my scholarship, professional interests, and community involvements . . . These were always centered around languages, Communication technology, Arts of Expression, and Education.

Growing up in Morocco, I focused most of my activities around languages and linguistic and social rights of the indigenous people of North Africa. In addition to my mother language Tamazight, I learned Darija (Moroccan Colloquial), and studied Arabic, French, Spanish, and English. I taught these languages and translated/interpreted them for several years.

After my arrival to the United States, I had another opportunity to learn English while attending Pierce College, the Evergreen State College and Ohio University. The university environment provided me with the opportunity to continue my interest in linguistic and human rights of indigenous people in North Africa. When I received my first full time academic position at Francis Marion University, I supported students and faculty with their interests in international issues; played part in the International Club, the French Club, and the Spanish Club; contributed to the Arts International festival and the International Festival. I have also provided free translation and interpreting help to our students and local community members in our local hospitals and social services.

I have served at several corporations and agencies (such as Inspirational Films, CYRACOM International, Medi-Trans Inc. (MTI), Language Unlimited, etc. ) and held various positions at several universities, including Ohio University, Francis Marion University, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Capella University, Walden University, Dhofar University (Oman), and Full Sail University. and Grand Canyon University, Although my main involvement is with Doctoral Research, I have also taught courses and workshops of Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Interactive Design, Multimedia Development, Video/Television Production, Research. In addition, I served as a consultant for various government and private agencies.