Course Syllabi

Courses Taught and Syllabi:

Capella University, School of Education: Graduate Courses

The Delivery of Distance Education– ED7210
Instructional Media Tools– ED7503
Evaluation and Assessment of Instructional Design — ED7505
The Delivery of Distance Education — ED7210
Doctoral Comprehensive Examination II — 9995
Societal and Cultural Change — ED8004
Instructional Design for Distance Education — ED846
Interface Design — ED722
Societal and Cultural Change – ED504
Multimedia for Teaching and Learning — ED7706
Principles of Learning and Instructional Design — ED851
Capella University, School of Education: Graduate Directed Studies

Advanced Instructional Design– ED7496
Storyboarding for Instructional Design– ED7497
Need Analysis for Instructional Design– ED7499
Special Topics in Instructional Design for Online Learning– ED9058
The Delivery of Distance Education– ED7210
Instructional Design for Health Care Programs– ED7491
Capella University , School of Technology : Graduate and Undergraduate courses

Advanced Graphics and Multimedia – TS5514
Graphics and Multimedia — TS5506
Web Graphics Production — IT4051
Vector Graphics Animation — IT4050
Web Design — IT4810
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh : Undergraduate Courses

Writing for Multimedia — IMD130
Desktop Video — CC130
Fundamentals of Media Communication — CC114
Fundamentals of Multimedia for Graphic Design — GDE418
Design and Technology — G312
Contemporary Typography – G331
Concept Development — G121
Design Team Production — G321
Introduction to Audio — CC122
Fundamentals of Design — CC112
Digital Image Manipulation II — G223
Mixed Media — G210
Advanced Computer Graphics — GDE406
Art Direction — G311
Computer Literacy — CPU101
Dimensional Design — G310
Fundamentals of Web/Online Publishing — G413
Introduction to Sociology — SOC101